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GC Pallets, Inc. is a family-owned business since March of 2002. Owner Sebastian Gaona, along with his sons, opened their own pallet company after years of working in the industry. They have built a company that has valued taking care of the customer's needs by providing exceptional service and quality products. Their dedication to their business has allowed them to grow their business in two cities and increase their staff and equipment to meet the demands of multiple clients. 


North American Pallet Association

We are part of the North American Pallet Association

Our work is important to us because it keeps you moving, it keeps the world moving. NAPA was founded to help pallet companies in southern California find ways to help each other through certain problems and build each other up through the pallet market changes so that everyone can effectively serve their customers. 

Western Pallet Association

We are members of the Western Pallet Association 

In efforts to understand the pallet industry globally we have been members of the WPA since 2016. Through this association and its annual informative meetings and conventions we get further understanding of the growing and expanding pallet industry. We are updated on the new technology and keep in touch with all suppliers to help keep us in business for our customers.

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