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What would work best for you?



We carry stock of different quality grades of refurbished pallets to help meet our customer's needs. These pallets are great option to keep costs low and help encourage recycling by using the used materials with the goal of not cutting new lumber.


Standard pallet sizes are always in stock. Below are the options to consider seeing what may suit each customer best.

  • 48x40 #1 AA is a 4-way style semi-new pallet 

  • 48x40 #1 or A-grade is a 4-way refurbished pallet with complete repairs, if a part is broken it gets replaced whole.

  • 48x40 #2 or B-grade is a 4-way refurbished pallet with repairs made to reinforce any part of the pallet that may have been broken. This pallet is typically the most economical choice of the 4-way style pallet.

  • 48x40 2-way Used is a refurbished pallet that contains patched repairs to reinforce any part of the pallets that may have been broken.

104 x 47 - xpo.png


Some projects and orders simply can't use a standard pallet size and that's where we come in. Our teams have years of extensive knowledge to help create that custom pallet that our customers may need to get their product moving.

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